Up in the air – it’s a bird, it’s a plane – no it’s Superman OR maybe just Greg going "Over the Edge" on July 16th.  And once again (again, again), Christie Cotton Turnbull is not too excited about it (but I think she is getting used to my risk taking.)

Many of you know I am involved with a local youth mentoring group in Indy called City Life Wheels – their mission to mentor inner city kids and train them in basic auto repair as a means to gainful employment and personal responsibility.

We have another group that I work with as well called Juvenile Justice Ministry that serves kids in detention centers. There are approx. 90 youth who find themselves locked up every night in the Marion County/Indianapolis Juvenile Detention facility. Many only stay about ten days before going back to the neighborhoods and circumstances that brought them to the facility in the first place.  And there is an 80% chance they will return multiple times.

JJM has access to every kid in the facility and through staff and volunteers are able to support, encourage and train these kids. Our role is to be a resource while we they are at the facility and a source of hope when they leave. I believe that this engagement is critical to stop the cycle of crime and lack of hope.

There has to be a better hope for these kids, and that is why I am going “Over the Edge” – Repelling down an 18 story building in downtown Indianapolis to raise money for CIYFC’s Juvenile Justice Ministry (JJM).  The resources raised during this fundraiser will make that re-entry program a reality.

Will you join me and click on this link - https://indyovertheedge.org/greg-turnbull/donate.cfm - it should take you to my page and you can make a donation right there.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and support – I appreciate your friendship and support.