Take On New Heights This September!

Are you ready to go Over the Edge? This thrilling event will help reach young people everywhere with the hope of Christ by generating crucial funds to help nearly 4,000 young people participate in the highly effective programs of Central Indiana Youth for Christ. Our team of 12 staff together with over 130 volunteers are committed to engaging teenagers outside the church and introducing them to the one thing that can transform their lives — a relationship with Jesus Christ. Central Indiana YFC is passionate about helping every one of the 239,000 11-19 year olds in the region but we are especially mindful of the vulnerable, under-resourced, high-risk youth in our city. We believe that faith-based programs and Christian mentors are necessary. You can help us help them by Going Over the Edge!

How? Raise $1,000 and Go Over the Edge to help young people cultivate meaningful relationships with Christ in Indianapolis!


        September 22-23, 2022


The Barnes & Thornburg Building


You! Raise $1,000 minimum & go Over the Edge!







On Target

Become a Sponsor!



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  • "YOUR COMPANY" presents Indy OTE on all promotional materials including, but not limited to, posters, flyers, print, digital, and all media promotions
  • Prominent branding on all OTE event registration/donation website(s)
  • Feature billing on all media and press releases
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  • Extensive recognition on all social media platforms (month-long promotion)
  • Recognition on CIYFC website and Indy OTE website
  • Verbal recognition announcements throughout event day (once per hour)
  • Two rappel spots on event day ($2,000 value)
  • Company logo on Photo Banner
  • Table at the exclusive CIYFC Annual Dinner & Auction ($1,600 value)


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  • A vinyl sticker with your company logo will be applied to every helmet worn by the 80+ rappellers
  • Company logo on Photo Banner
  • Event t-shirt


(10 available)
  • One spot to rappel on event day OR two tickets to the exclusive CIYFC Annual Dinner & Auction
  • Your company branding will be prominently displayed on the barriers surrounding the landing zone in this busy downtown location for two days
  • Week-long focus on your company on all social media platforms
  • Verbal recognition announcements throughout the day (up to four announcements)
  • Company logo on Photo Banner
  • Company logo on the event t-shirt worn by 200+ people
  • Recognition on OTE social media platform (four posts)
  • Verbal recognition announcements throughout the day
  • Company logo on Photo Banner
  • Company logo on event t-shirt worn by 200+ people


( unlimited spots available)
  • Your company will sponsor one of the two ropes that the rappellers come down on.
  • Each time a person is rappelling, your company's name will be announced along with the rappeller's name.
  • For example, "Coming down on the [your company name] rope is Jessica!"
  • One rappel spot on event day ($1,000 value)
  • Company logo on Photo Banner


( unlimited spots available)
  • Sponsor a high school or college graduate to go Over the Edge.
  • Our 2020 and 2021 graduates have missed a lot of the traditional celebrations, so help them jump into their future by sending them over the edge!
  • Company logo on event t-shirt
  • Recognition on OTE social media platform (one featured spotlight post)


( unlimited spots available)
$ 500
  • Company logo on event t-shirt worn by 200+ people

Top 10 fundraisers

  • 1. General Donation to CIYFC
  • 2. Elliot Hinko
  • 3. Brian Borshoff
  • 4. Greg Turnbull
  • Michael Robertson
    5. Michael Robertson
  • 6. Todd Bieberich
  • Pierce Allen rappelling for Silo Auto Club and Conservancy
    7. Pierce Allen rappelling for Silo Auto Club and Conservancy
  • 8. Michaela Barton
  • 9. Clyde Bodkin
  • Rachel Schwab
    10. Rachel Schwab

Top 10 Teams

  • 1. Team City Life Wheels
  • 2. Team Board
  • 3. Parent Life-Chapel Rock Christian Church
  • 4. Twinning
  • 5. Team Meineke
  • 6. Team Mooresville
  • 7. Team Zionsville
  • 8. Team Fishers
  • 9. Team Southport
  • 10. BJ and Kristina-Mooresville

Toss Your Boss/Push Your Pastor

Are you ready to send your pastor or boss completely Over the Edge? Now's your chance! Rally your team or congregation, set your goal, and send your Pastor/Boss down the side of a 17 story building! For more details, please email us at info@ciyfc.org


Participants: What to expect

This is not your typical rock climbing rappel! You will be wearing a full-body industrial harness and using an industrial descender to go down. You can control your speed to a certain extent. Should you go too fast the back-up device will engage. Getting your weight off the roof and into the harness is the difficult part for most people. You will...



Training begins in the Staging area, where participants get into their gear and issued the equipment they will need to rappel. We adjust harnesses and other equipment to fit each individual and teach the participants about the correct way to wear their gear. In the Training Area, we train participants how to use the descender and back-up device....


Spectators and friends

There will be a viewing party across the street.Central Indiana YFC will have an event photographer taking pictures from the roof, ensuring that each participant gets a picture of himself or herself going Over the Edge. Not one moment of this experience will be missed!Unfortunately, the roof is a restricted access area. Friends and family will not...


What can I do to practice?

The most common complaint from participants after rappelling is that their forearm got sore during the descent. The new device used alleviates much of the difficulty experienced in the past. Proper techniques like switching arms and the new device make a lot of difference.Go rock climbing at a local climbing gym! Not only does rock climbing...


What to wear

You’re going to be walking down the side of a building so wear good shoes. Well-fitting sneakers, light hiking boots, or other soft-soled shoes are recommended. No sandals, slip-on shoes, slippers, flip flops, high heels, or steel-toed boots will be allowed. Wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Athletic pants, tights and jeans are suitable....


The Hardest Part

After demonstration, each participant is given the chance to put their hands on the ASAP and practice unlocking it. We also connect people to the ropes and allow them to sit in their harness. This helps them to better anticipate the feel of being on the main rappel. We discuss and practice good rappelling position, where to keep your feet and where...


COVID-19 Precautions

The health and safety of all participants remain top priority at Over The Edge and we will continue to monitor information released by the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization for accurate, unbiased coverage of the outbreak.Over the Edge is one of the few events that actually supports social distancing, especially once the...