Mt. Vernon Campus Life

Students are hurting, plain and simple. It doesn’t matter what area you are in, teens are dealing with violence, constant temptations to addictions, and the pressures of life. Students are looking for hope in the midst of it all. Campus Life at Mt. Vernon Middle and High School is all about creating that safe space for students to be able to come as they are, ask any question, and feel like they can search for that hope in a safe space. We want to be sure that they see that all of the adults that serve with us love and truly care about them and even more important, that the Lord our God cares for each and every one of them!

Why are these individuals of different ages, backgrounds, work places, and life styles all deciding to rappel down a 250 ft. building? Well, number one, they have a little bit of crazy in them (the good kind!), but more importantly, they see all that goes on behind the scenes with these students and they want to raise money to help students in not only in the Mt. Vernon community, but students of all walks of life all over the Greater Indianapolis Area.

If your heart aches for teens all around Central Indy and you want to know how to help. There’s two ways. 1. Join on our team and get ready to take an incredibly fun adventure! 2. Donate to one or all of our rappellers, every donation large or small is a big help to our goal! These individuals are ready to take this leap, so won’t you join us? And we’ll see you at the bottom!

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